CoinWisdom Coaching

CoinWisdom connects you to experts in the relevant field of cryptocurrency.

Technical Analysis

Do you want to minimise your risk when trading? CoinWisdom experts can take you through the basics of technical trading analysis. This will empower you to make better informed decisions when trading cryptocurrencies.


Do you need help with setting up an account with an exchange and/or acquiring the cryptocurrency you desire? CoinWisdom will help you through this process while also providing take home information booklets to make sure you can trade while at home.

Hardware Wallet Security

Are you storing your cyrptocurrenices securely? Do you own your private keys? CoinWisdom has partnered with Australia's leading hardware wallet provider, Coinstop. Our experts can help you set up your device and explain each step to ensure that you can have full ownership and control of your assets.


CoinWisdom offers face to face consulting with our experts currently located in Victoria & Queensland. If you reside outside of these areas please get in touch and we can organise alternative methods of coaching. (Skype, Phone call, Email etc).


CoinWisdom is focused on providing reputable experts who are leaders in their fields of education and consulting. With years of experience in Blockchain Development, Trade Analysis and Blockchain Security our experts will be able to provide the information that you require.

Take home information

CoinWisdom understands that learning doesn't stop after the consultation has finished. With each consultation you will be provided with take home information booklets so you can continue broadening your cryptocurrency knowledge.


Our experts pride themselves in treating all our customers with the utmost respect. We understand that the back end of Blockchain technology can be tedious and boring. This is why our experts aim to provide a fun and friendly experience, focusing on community engagement to unlock the most potential out of each individual.

About Us

We respect our clients.

There is an increasingly difficult learning curve developing in the Blockchain industry with an abundance of misleading and confusing information scattered all over the internet. CoinWisdom's primary focus is to give experts in their field the most up to date information and packages to then educate the rapidly growing Blockchain community.

CoinWisdom offers packages to beginners which cover the fundamental topics required to grasp this exciting technology. These packages include such topics like; Blockchain 101, Cryptocurrency 101, security for assets, trade analysis, golden rules of investing, hardware wallet set ups and much more.

Our Process

Our clients love our process.

Step 1

Customer advises CoinWisdom a time, place and package they desire.

Step 2

CoinWisdom sources through their content and experts to find the perfect match for the customers requirements.

Step 3

CoinWisdom expert conducts correspondence and face-to-face meetup with customer providing all necessary information to customers requirements.

Step 4

Customer has all questions answered through correspondence and take home information booklet providing further clarification on their requirements.


What we offer the following services

Blockchain Basics
  • What is a Blockchain
  • What is a Cryptocurrency
  • How does a Blockchain work
  • Explanation on different cryptocurrencies
  • Resources to use when getting into Blockchain
  • Take home Information brochure with all the above information provided.
  • Explanation on what an exchange is
  • Help on what exchange to use
  • How to use an exchange
  • Order book explanation
  • Basic chart explanation
  • Placing a buy or sell order
  • Take home information booklet with everything above explained
Cold storage and security
  • Explanation on different wallets and the importance of securing cryptocurrencies
  • Explanation on Masterseeds, private keys and public keys
  • Hardware wallet setup and opportunity for the customer to buy a nano s or trezor from coinwisdom.
  • Transaction or withdrawing bitcoin from an exchange to a hardware wallet.
  • Transacting ERC20 token through MyEtherWallet using hardware device
Trade Analysis
  • Basic Trade Analyis breakdown.
  • Japanese Candles
  • Volume
  • RSI
  • Resistance and support levels
  • Fibonacci levels
  • Demonstration on tradingview.
  • Take home information booklet with all the above information provided.