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There is an increasingly difficult learning curve developing in the Blockchain industry with an abundance of misleading and confusing information scattered all over the internet. CoinWisdom's primary focus is to give experts in their field the most up to date information and packages to then educate the rapidly growing Blockchain community.

CoinWisdom offers packages to beginners which cover the fundamental topics required to grasp this exciting technology. These packages include such topics like; Blockchain 101, Cryptocurrency 101, security for assets, trade analysis, golden rules of investing, hardware wallet set ups and much more.

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Getting started in the world of cryptocurrency was rather daunting for me. Having read up all I could, I soon found myself suffering from information overload. I needed a coach, someone who could answer all my questions. I friend of mine from Melbourne then suggested I reach out to Coinwisdom. Contacting them was the best decision I’ve ever made (and that’s an understatement). They really cut through all the jargon and helped me to get up and running. These guys are BRILLIANT! Michael C, Gold Coast
When I first started my crypto journey I felt so overwhelmed by the seemingly endless new information out there. It didn't take me long to realize in order to fast track my learning and capitalize on this amazing opportunity I first need to invest in some education and consultancy. I came across Coinwisdom, took advantage of their services and can honestly say I am light years ahead of where I would be if I hadn't done so. They are knowledgeable, professional and helped me avoid some of big mistakes people make when first starting out in their crypto journey. Thanks Coinwisdom! Rob C, Melbourne
Being new to all things Crypto, from a non-technology background and being paranoid about security, I needed is find someone who I could trust to walk me through all the basic steps of the Crypto universe. I came across Coinwisdom who I quickly gained confidence in. We arranged a Skype meeting and they ran through everything and showed me how it all worked. It was through this basic training that I quickly gained confidence and now freely trade different coins on different exchanges. I would have no issues recommending Coinwisdom to anyone who wishes to learn more about the Cryptocurrency world and how it all works. Sam B, Sunshine Coast

Our partners



Kieran Nolan

Educational Technologist

Kieran Nolan is a qualified Network Engineer, certified Cloud Migration Architect, and Educational Technologist, with certifications from Google, Microsoft and Cisco and a Degree in Network Engineering. He has 10+ years of experience working in schools from K-12 schools. Under Kieran’s leadership, Wooranna Park Primary School (WPPS) has established itself as an exemplar in introducing the digital world to students. The school has led the way in establishing a '24/7 International Virtual Learning Environment' in Minecraft, Victoria's first CoderDojo, Australia's first Immersive Education Club (iED Club), the World's youngest Cisco class., and the very first 'School on the Blockchain'

Igor Goldobin

Software Architect

With well over 10 years of experience ​in software engineering and business intelligence​, Igor has had a great deal of exposure to large government, ​gaming, finance and mining industries. Applying his innate understanding of software engineering and his wealth of mobile and web development experience, Igor successfully delivers projects to businesses and executives that provide best possible value. Igor has been involved in number of data mining and business intelligence projects, including cube designs, reporting, data prediction and simulation.

Johnathan Ross

Blockchain Engineer

Johnathan has extensive experience in Mathematics, Data Analysis, Software Implementation, and received his Bachelor of Engineering in 2012. Johnathan has since been educating Australia on the importance of financial sovereignty, accomplished by a start-up he launched in 2016 - now the leading cryptocurrency hardware wallet provider in Australia and New Zealand.

Christopher Pavlesic

Blockchain Security Expert

Chris prides himself in finding efficient solutions to complex problems. Through the use of critical thinking, leadership and creativity, Chris is able to find the best fit solution for any issue presented. Chris now finds himself invested in the Blockchain realm and educates the community of the importance of the best security practices through his involvement with Coinstop - Australia's leading cold storage hardware wallet provider.

Serj Alex

Enterprise Consultant

Experienced and versatile business systems product specialist with broad cross-functional skills. Successfully performed in development, consulting and management roles building a portfolio of ERP, CTM and Business Intelligence projects spanning over 14 years. Passionate about Data Science, Machine Leaning and Blockchain technology.

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